Club Rules & Regulations

SAFETY is everyone’s responsibility.

If any person sees something that could cause injury to anyone, PLEASE bring it to the IMMEDIATE attention of the person at the sign in desk, or that of a club member).

NOTE: Children & young adults (under the age of 15) who are not Tidewater Bowhunters & Archers Club members may only participate if shooting with an adult.

1) Cheating!

It’s already been done, and it’s easy to do, but WHY – you’ll just be cheating yourself?

2) Please be fair to others…

If you’re shooting for score, competition, or trophies …the first arrow shot at the target is scored… no exceptions! If you’re shooting with friends, or family members–score their arrows as they are, and not what you hoped they had. If you’re in doubt about scoring a target… ask a club member, or TBA officer for assistance.

3) If you’re in a bad mood, stay at home.

If you’re having a bad day on the course… please keep your overall attitude in check. After all… this is game for some, and hunting practice for others!

4) While on the course, don’t take short cuts from one target to the next.

You may be walking right into the shooting lane of another shooter!

Think SAFETY, SAFETY, and SAFETY all the time

5) Keep your language civilized.

This club is for new and old friends, and for families who wish to make ARCHERY a family sport.

Registration - 8am to noon & 3pm Turn-In Time

Registration is from 8:00 a.m. to 12 noon. No cards will be issued after “High Noon”.

All tournament participants must have their score cards turned no later than 3:00 p.m. Club

members will start to break down / collect the course targets starting at 3:00 p.m.

Scoring. (a.ka. “ How to score your arrow”)

11 – Small circle centered within the ten ring. Approximately 25% of the ten ring will be used. Arrow must at least touch the circle. This score would reflect 11 on the scorecard.

10 – Circle inside vital area. Arrow must at least touch circle.

8 – Vital area other than the 10-point circle. Arrow must at least touch the vital area line.

5 – Remainder of the animal touching body color.

0 – Hitting the horn, antler or hoof, or not touching body color. Also, missing

or a glance off.

*Scored arrow must be stuck in the target. Witnessed pass through or bounce outs are to scored as agreed on by the majority of the group, or reshow before shooters advance to the target.

PLEASE remember the honor system!

If you are the score keeper it is your responsibility to score your groups cards as they actually shot the target and not as your would hope they would have shot the target!

Classes and shooting stakes

Money/Open class(Male/Female): A compound bow, recurved or longbow with a moveable sight, scope or laser sight. Any type of release aid, glove, finger tab or bare fingers may be used. These classes use the orange stake and are an approximate max distance of 50 yrds.

Bowhunter (Male)/Bowhunter Money: Fixed pins and moveable sight (with no magnification) 12" max stabilizer length, screw in or glue in points, releases or fingers may be used. This class uses the yellow stake with an approximate max distance of 35 yards.

Bowhunter (Female)/Youth(Ages 13-17): Fixed pins and movable sight (with no magnification) 12" max stabilizer length, screw in or glue in points, releases or fingers may be used. This class uses the white stake with an approximate max distance of 30 yards.

Traditional (Male/Female): this class is a combination of recurve, longbow, and self-bow - with no sighting device. A rest and plunger are all that may reside within the sight window. There will be no markings on the bow or on the bowstring that could be construed as sighting marks. There will not be any type of draw check on the bow or string. Must be shot with glove, finger tab or bare fingers. While shooting the archer shall touch the arrow with the index finger against the nock, and using a single anchor point. The arrow shall be of the same material and in uniform length and weight, with a screw in style or glued on points. Nibb style points are not allowed. A single stabilizer may be used that is no longer than 12 inches from the point of attachment. This class uses the red stake and has an approximate distance of 30 yards.

Seniors: Optional class for any (male or female) shooter 50 years of age or older. May shoot any type of equipment or style described above. This class sue the yellow stake and is an approximate distance of 35 yards.

Crossbow (Male/Female/All Ages): Any gender and age shooter with a crossbow.

Cubs(Ages 9-12)/ Future Bowhunters (8 and under): These classes are age restricted but no equipment restrictions apply. These classes use the green stake and have an approximate max distance of 15 yards.

**Update: Anyone that shoots a scope, expect for crossbow class, has to shoot from one stake back from their stake. For example: If a Cub, Senior, or Bowhunter class shooter has an scope, they must shoot from one stake back or they must register to be in the open class.

Individuals must shoot in a group for scores to qualify for tournament standing. Individual's scores which were not shot in a group do not qualify for event standing.**

*Update: Crossbow Class everyone shoots from the orange stake except for Youth, Cubs & Future Bowhunters. Everyone can use a mono pod stick, but not a tripod.

**We have a known distance class. Bring your own range finder to be included in this class. With this class there will only be a first place winner. The unknown classes will only have first and second place only.**


In our club shoots, we normally acknowledge 1st and 2nd places with trophies, or in lieu of a trophy, the winner can receive a “free” shoot pass. (The free shoot pass does not include “free entry” to the IBO Qualifier, nor does it give “free entry” to the Deer Slayer shoot (our club’s last shoot of the year).

Money Class/Bowhunter Money:

1-3 shooters –1st place only

1-4 shooters – 1st and 2nd place only

5 or more shooters - 1st and 2nd place only

Open/ Seniors/ Bowhunter/Womens Bowhunter/Traditional/Youth/Cubs:

1-3 shooters –1st place only

1-4 shooters – 1st and 2nd place only

5 or more shooters - 1st and 2nd place only

Future Bowhunter:

All shooters will receive awards