Happy New Year!!! We hope that you had a successful hunting season. We are so excited and look forward to a new 3D archery season with all of you. Our first shoot of the new year is February 6, 2022. Registration begins at 8 am and ends at 12 pm. Score cards have to be turned in by 3. If anyone is interested in coming to help set up on Saturday February 5, that would be very much appreciated. We will begin set up at 8 am.

We always have our shoots on the first Sunday of every month and of course set up would be the day before.

Our 2022 schedule is as follows

February 6

March 6

April 3

May 1

June 5

July 3

August 7

September 4

Have a great January and we look forward to seeing you next month! 

Join us September 5th at our 34 th annual Deer Slayer 2021 at Newport News Park C Range. Registration 8 am - 12. Score cards are due at 3 pm.

Prices: Adults $20

Youth 13 - 17 $15

Cubs 9 -12 $8

Fbh 8 and under $6

Mulligans $5 & $10

Free shoot cards are NOT valid for our September shoot

We will have a 20 target course set up, with many games ranging from $1-$3 including ping pong, Texas hold-em, long distance shoot, tough man and steel buck contest. Open to the public. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Come celebrate July 4 th with Tidewater Bowhunters! There will be a free hot dog for all paid shooters. Registration opens at 8 am. For anyone wanting to help with setup on Saturday, July 3 rd at 8 am. 

We look forward to seeing everyone next weekend at the shoot! Have a great week! 

We are so thankful to be back together again for our monthly shoots. We had a good turnout today June 6th and we look forward to our July 4 th shoot! We hope to see you there!

Welcome to the 2021 3-D shooting season. We at Tidewater Bowhunters and Archers Association (TBA) welcome you to our page. TBA is comprised of both male & female, young and old, and from every walk of life.  We all share a common bond-Archery! Individual skill levels range from novice to the nationally ranked professional archer.

Equipment used ranges from primitive "self-made" bows to the most modern compound bows with all the "trimmings".

The club was founded in 1987 and incorporated under the name "Tidewater Bowhunters Association". In 1997 the club reincorporated as "Tidewater Bowhunters and Archers Association". The "TBA" is a nonprofit organization. All monies, from membership fees to tournament profits, are used to improve the quality of the club and benefits for it's club members.

Each active member of TBA is a voting member. Membership cost is $30.00 per individual, or $45.00 for the entire family, per year.

Membership benefits include:

*Discounts on archery equipment

*Access to member’s only club events

*Eligible to participate in the Annual Big Buck Contest

TBA meetings are held after our monthly shoots. So if you're interested in joining or you would like to get more information then please come out and you can get a first hand look at what we do. If you're interested in joining after you check out our shoots, we'll have applications there for you to sign up and we can answer any questions you may have.

Work parties typically start at 8:00 am the Saturday before the day of the shoot. If you would like to have some input on how the shoots are setup and what targets go where, come out and join us with setting up the shoot. The club keeps a roster of who attends the monthly meetings and also who helps set up and tear down tournament targets. At the end of the year, the top eight(8) helpers get a little reward.

At the annual meeting in February you can also join the club, give us ideas of what you would like to see done this year, and we will also be holding the BIG BUCK CONTEST. Please bring in your horns to be scored from the recent hunting season and a picture of the deer with your bow in the picture. All horns must be accompanied by either the check card or the confirmation number. In state wins $400.00 towards mounting or $250.00 cash and out of state wins $100.00. REQUIREMENTS: YOU MUST HAVE BEEN A PAID MEMBER OF TBA IN THE PREVIOUS YEAR TO PARTICIPATE AND HELP SET UP FOUR (4) TIMES AND TAKE DOWN TARGETS FOUR (4) TIMES DURING SAME CALENDER YEAR . IN STATE DEER MUST BE KILLED IN VIRGINIA WITH A BOW. OUT OF STATE DEER CAN BE KILLED IN ANY STATE EXCEPT FOR VIRGINIA. MEMBERS ARE ELIGIBLE TO ENTER ONE TBA'S BIG BUCK CONTEST, EITHER IN STATE OR OUT OF STATE, NOT BOTH.

For membership please open the forms below and bring them to the next club meeting:

Membership Form PDF

Membership Form WORD

Save document to desktop and print both front and back. Check your margins if necessary.

Archery shoots are normally held on the first Sunday of the month (February – September).

TBA 2021



July 4

Aug 1

Sept 5 - Deer Slayer

Registration runs from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon. Score cards must be turned in by 3:00.

Location: Our shoots are located off of Jefferson Ave. just past the park going towards Lee Hall in the C archery range in Newport News Park. On the day of our shoots we will have a yellow sign on Jefferson Ave. pointing you in the direction on where to park. Park along the gravel road and walk back to the registration booth. If you have any trouble finding us please contact and of the Officers listed on the Officers tab.


Feb-Aug shoots


Members of Arch Org.

TBA Members 

Youth (13-17) 

Cubs (9-12)

Future B/H (8 and under) 

all adult classes $14.00

all adult classes $10.00

all adult classes $8.00




Sept shoot(Cash Only Accepted, Free shoot cards are not valid for this shoot)

The "Deer Slayer" shoot is the last shoot of the year (usually 20 targets). Since every target will be set up in a hunting situation we ask that you utilize your hunting set-up in preparation for the up coming hunting season, no scopes allowed. If you shoot with a scope with magnification you will have to shoot in the open class. Also door prizes are given away, but in order to be eligible, you must be a paid shooter and you must be present to win the prizes. 


Youth (13-17)

Cubs (9-12)   

Future B/H (8 and under) 


all adult classes $20.00




$5.00 each (Future B/H and Cubs: Free Mulligan)

You are also able to sign up for more than one class as long as you pay for each class for all the shoots through the year.

Interested in posting our flyers in your location? Please feel free to click the link below for a copy and Thank you!

TBA 2020 Flyer

For items lost and found at archery shoots please visit the Officers/Faq's/Link page for a list of items or send an email to the below address for us to post the missing item. Thanks!

**Crossbow Class everyone shoots from the orange stake except for Youth, Cubs & Future Bowhunters. Everyone can use a mono pod stick or a tripod.**